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Data acquisition system


Data acquisition system designed to monitor the stress-strain state, temperature, pressure and other characteristic.

Tenzometricheskie is one of the main experimental methods of study of the stress and strain state of structures.

Methods of strain gage are distinguished according to the physical principles put in a basis of transformations of deformation. The most widely methods of strain measurement, is used as primary transducers of the strain gages, which converts the deformation into a resistance change.

NI 9237 module

NI 9237 module Characteristics


Number of inputs
4 analog inputs, ±25 mV/V
Resolution 24 Bit
Maximum Sampling Rate 50 kHz
Programmable Circuits  1/4, 1/2 and full bridge
Operating Temperature Range -40 to 70 °C 

NI 9235, NI 9236 module

NI 9235, NI 9236 Module Characteristics


Number of inputs

8 analog inputs

Resolution 24 Bit
Maximum Sampling Rate 10 kHz
Программируемые схемы  1/4 bridge
120 Ω with the NI 9235 module
350 Ω with the NI 9236 module
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