URARTU автоматизация испытаний

Automated Hydraulic Power Unit


Automated pumping complex is a high-tech device with functions of self-diagnostic and designed to supply the fluid under pressure in hydraulic systems on test stands with a given flow and pressure.

The main advantages of developed hydropower plants: 

  • the modular structure of the pumping unit;
  • low noise level;
  • independent cooling system and filtration;
  • the presence of a water hammer absorber;
  • the presence of a pulsation damper pressure;
  • soft start motor;
  • smooth pressure increase, which was implemented by the hydraulic unit;
  • the controller real-time system diagnostics and remote control.


Pump unit can be supplied with different types of pump regulators: 

  • pressure compensator with manual adjustment;
  • proportional regulator working volume of the pump;
  • power regulator.

Depending on the pump installation is one of the motor-pump unit and several.

A standard set of functions control the efficiency of the installation:

1. Elapsed time counter.

2. Reverse counters to maintenance system.

3. Protection of pumping stations from: 

  • overheating;
  • phase displacement;
  • low fluid level;
  • high fluid level;
  • high pressure; 
  • filter pollution.

4. Remote monitoring, alarm messages and the status of the pumping station are sent via an Industrial Ethernet with the help of a personal computer installed in the control room of the test box.

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