URARTU автоматизация испытаний

Test Rigs Design


Feature of the simulation produced stands is an interdisciplinary approach. It allows a team of designers to make the right decision at the conceptual design stage. We help in preparing Technical specifications which based on Customer needs, efficiency of production and ergonomics. 

On a single platform simulates the behavior and the interaction of various physical facilities: mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and other. In the model controller is selected and configured coefficient. The advantage is the rapid creation of models and results necessary for a preliminary assessment of the project and verification of the proposed algorithms and solutions. During calculation it is possible to observe and analyze the behavior of the system, the parameters can be corrected. The results of the calculation is designing hydraulic and electric systems.

The final stage of applying a virtual model of the system is to transfer it in hardware-software simulator for debugging the software and regulator of the control system.

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