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Static and Dynamic Testing

Loading system is used in static and dynamic testing it has different distributed structure and high precision. Components are modular intelligent nodes that communicate with each other through industrial Ethernet. The quality and degree of automation affects the time of testing and improves the accuracy of the measurement and playback settings.


Electro-hydraulic loading system includes 4 important node:

  • automated hydraulic power unit (AHPU);
  • hydraulic service manifold (HSM);
  • servoactuator; 
  • control system.


Hydraulic power units with various regulators allow to achieve low noise, slight heating of the working fluid and have high energy efficiency. The pumping system is an integrated controller and is an independent intelligent module.

The HSM provides a smooth increase and decrease of pressure, the damping of pulsations and water hammer.

Servoactuators are contain embedded sensors, motion/speed and are used for dynamic loading design of high speed and amplitude. 

Control system by loading allows to provide a feedback control force, velocity, or displacement.

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