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Hydraulic Service Manifold

Own production of hydraulic service manifold (HSM) of the U-HSM model, both standard execution, and meeting the requirements of the Customer, gives a number of advantages over pipe installation of the hydraulic equipment. 

HSM provides the possibility of compact placement of hydraulic equipment for several consumers. This does not require connecting pipes and there are only a few places that require sealing. The panel reduces the time and labor input of the hydraulic drive. Includes a set pilot pressure.


The HSM provides control of switching on and off the liquid supply from the pump station to the test system or a separate electro-hydraulic drive.


When switching on the supply it provides:

smooth increase and decrease of air pressure;

working fluid filtration;

the damping of pulsations and water hammer;

disconnect the hydraulic lines at the precipice; 

the control loop of the pilot pressure.

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